Reach Out and Touch the Dude

(Well, not literally.)

Please use the form, below, to communicate with Diction Dude. We use a ticketing system to ensure that your message doesn’t get lost in the ether and to promote transparency. It’s helpful to select the Category field first, because the category selection reveals context-specific fields depending on your needs. You are welcome to either submit a message as a guest, or to create an account. If you’ve purchased something from Diction Dude, its best to use an account to ensure that your communication and your purchase history are linked. Your information will not be sold, traded, or otherwise exploited, and we won’t spam you with upsells.

Some email providers route our emails to your spam folder. Please check your spam/junk/bulk folder for an acknowledgement of your message. If the system acknowledged your ticket, we got it.

To send us something by postal mail or to schedule a phone call, please file a ticket explaining your need so we can respond appropriately. We regret that a very large volume of telemarketing calls now precludes us from offering a general-access phone number.