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Take Our “Economics of Publishing” Online Course

Diction Dude is thrilled to announce the release of our first online course, The Economics of Publishing. Purchase it through Udemy with a special rate for Diction Dude friends of just $17.99, for nearly two hours of informative video lectures. Sign up today!

In the course, we explore:

  • Industry Outlook — basic statistics and economic models about the publishing industry, as well as dive into the 2018 Authors Guild survey of author income
  • Publishing Models — a review of self, traditional, subsidy and hybrid publishing arrangements
  • Industry Stakeholders — traditional publishing includes many stakeholders whose goals and incentives are structurally misaligned
  • Acquisition Logic — editors and agents parse inbound queries looking for the first reason to reject the piece, so knowing what the common stumbling blocks are will help you avoid them
  • Royalties and Revenue — all those stakeholders each poke a finger in the pie, including authors who must first survive a profit-and-loss assessment before they’ll have to deal with a royalty model

And, after a 10-question final exam to assess your newfound knowledge about the economics of publishing, you’ll get an extra five minutes of encouragement, featuring a feline cameo and appropriate mood lighting.

The Internet and even the “how to be an author” book market is saturated with subpar material presented by authors who’ve never been publishers. This (rare!) view from the other side of the desk authoritatively de-mystifies core business processes — so you, as an emerging author or poet, can more effectively let your voice rise above the noise washing over an industry in the throes of significant transition.

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