Book Viability Analysis


Some books face rejection because editors and agents aren’t convinced that the query or proposal will succeed in the literary marketplace. This assessment looks holistically at the structure of your book and its relative profitability, to help you fine-tune your pitch to editors and agents.

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to get traction with your manuscript with agents or editors? It’s common that a book technically well-written in a literary sense nevertheless cannot find a home with a publisher or agent. Often, this market reticence relates to concerns about the structure of the book and its genre conformity, or the author and his or her platform, or both.

This analysis offers an in-depth study of your book and your current position as an author. Our analysis will:

  1. Assess your synopsis to determine how well it conforms to industry expectations for your genre.
  2. Identify major challenges with the book’s structure and content.
  3. Review your current author platform and identify aspects of your platform that may hinder your success.

To get started, purchase this item. Within 72 hours, we’ll reach out with a questionnaire. You’ll need to transmit the form to us, as well as a brief writing sample and a synopsis (or structural outline) for your entire book. We’ll follow-up with a 30-minute phone interview. Within a week after that, you’ll receive a detailed report summarizing our observations about the strengths and gaps for the project and your author platform — as well as concrete steps you should take to shore up your position. Optionally, we’ll take another 30-minute call to debrief about that report.


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