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Are you on the right track? Send the first chapter of your work—between 2,000 and 4,000 words—for an in-depth critique of your writing style.

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Finding frequent rejection? Editors and agents weigh the literary value of a manuscript as part of their first-pass accept-or-reject decisions. Too many authors lack insight into the mechanical aspects of their prose that leads to rejection decisions. Why face repeated rejections, or pay for a full book edit, when a first-chapter critique will point you in the right direction?

A first-chapter critique offers a fast an affordable approach to level-setting your expectations about your work product. For just $100, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. If you write apart from a high-functioning critique group, this kind of insight really matters. Most importantly, you’ll gain feedback from a professional book editor about the relative quality of your writing judged against typical slush-pile submissions.

With our first-page review, you will receive a detailed report that highlights:

  • Content that worked especially well
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style corrections
  • Observations about characterization, info-dumps, dialogue plausibility, and scene descriptions
  • Special emphasis on a first-page “hook” — or lack thereof — that many editors and agents wish to see

Our emphasis isn’t on a big-picture study of your story. Instead, it’s focused on the literary quality of your writing style.

To get started, purchase this item. Next, use the Contact form to upload a copy of your first chapter — or, at least, the first 2,000 to 4,000 words of it. We’ll send a detailed response within one calendar week. (Don’t worry; we’ll match your name from our sales system against your name on the Contact form.)


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