The Diction Dude Essential Guide to Getting Started as a Professional Writer (PDF)


This cart item is the downloadable PDF copy of the interior of the print version.

Eager to become a professional novelist? This book outlines the publishing history and helps you clarify your goals and your role within the industry. It includes a 12-month Get Fit to Print program to help you get started, plus “50 informed suggestions” for fiction writing.



Optimized for aspiring writers eager to publish The Great American Novel, this first installment of The Diction Dude Essential Guides series surveys the literary publishing industry. It offers key industry statistics and prompts people to think about their goals in light of the different, and conflicting, stakeholder incentives within the industry. The book includes a year-long Get Fit to Print framework that resembles a couch-to-5K program. It presents “50 informed suggestions” for novel-writing and practical advice about finding — and thriving within — a strong critique group. With The Diction Dude Essential Guide to Getting Started as a Professional Writer, you’ll learn to take it slow, plan deliberately, and avoid the common pitfalls that bedevil most first-time novelists.


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