Diction Dude supports you on your literary journey by:

  • Creating high-quality reference materials such as The Diction Dude Essential Guide to Getting Started as a Professional Author.
  • Partnering with your business to generate first-rate content or to edit others’ content.
  • Providing detailed, individual feedback on your synopses and first chapters.
  • Conducting a detailed book-and-author viability assessment, with tips for shoring up weaknesses, for authors struggling to gain traction.
  • Mentoring you for free through our podcast and the blog.
  • Publishing The Diction Dude Weekly Update, a Substack newsletter ($7/mo or $70/year) released each Friday with industry news, craft and business tips, reader questions, a curated list of opportunities, and related goodies.
  • Offering individual and group support to Patreon donors through our Discord server and patron newsletters. The $3 and $5 tiers offer access to the Discord chat server; the $10 and $25 tiers include access to monthly live-stream Q&A sessions and reserved parts of the community where I offer additional attention/focus.
  • Connecting you to other writers for in-person or virtual writers’ groups through the Grand River Writing Tribe.
  • Hosting in-person and virtual craft-and-business training events.
  • Extending discounts on courses we offer through the Udemy platform.
  • Extending open-ended one-on-one consultation or co-working support on your active literary projects.

However, some things, we cannot help you with:

  • We will not publish you. Diction Dude is not a press of any kind—vanity or otherwise.
  • We will not find you a publisher or an agent. (Although we’re happy to help you understand editorial queries or search for optimal markets.)
  • We cannot sell your book for you.
  • We are not the magical helper monkey that absolves you of the thankless toil required to nurture your own success.